Zara Anubis

All Zara Anubis music is written and performed by Theron Bennett. Theron has been a musician his entire life. His interests have been in blues, jazz, folk, bluegrass, classical, Americana, world music, hard rock,  native American, ambient and chill. He plays guitar, piano, synthesizer, drums, native flute, mandolin and cello as his main instruments. He first got into music as medicine when he stumbled upon solfeggio frequencies. Without any research into what they are he downloaded enough to make a mix CD. After listening every day he started feeling different and inquisitive. Researching those frequencies led to meditation which led to meditation music which led to 432hz. He had been out of music for twenty years pursuing a life of martial arts. In 2014 he rebuilt his studio and began writing again. This time with a focus on healing music. Every note played and every word written from meditation and connection with his spirit. That spirit he named Zara Anubis.

Theron Bennett

Theron Bennett's repertoire has run the gamut through the years.  In the 1990s, he wrote and performed in Gresham Weed, a hard hitting heavy metal band.  This music was young, angry and full of political overtones.  After the break up of Gresham Weed, he continued writing and had the concept for Cobra Shoes.  These works included songs of a more personal nature.  He eventually packed up his recording gear and took a break for a number of years, pursuing Martial Arts as his new obsession.  He devoted himself to the study of energy flow which lead to healing tones and back to his love of music.

He found himself back to playing and composing, this time with a more relaxed flow. He began publishing his works under Zara Anubis in 2017.  His discography includes 7 hour long meditations, one for each of the Chakras.

His first collection of shorter songs was published on the album, Chakras.

He then published Galactic Coffee Bar.  This is more free form electronic music that incorporates flavors of rock, jazz and ambient tones. 

Appalachian Earth has an Americana feel inspired by drives into the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  Songs feature Mandolin, Native American flute, and Electric Acoustic guitar.

His most recent release pays homage to his younger self by releasing some of the songs for Cobra Shoes.  This release is mainly from original recordings done on his analog system in the 1990s.  He has remixed them through his digital system and cleaned up what he could.  It holds true to the raw, heavy sound he started out with.



Healing Sounds

All of the music written and produced by Theron Bennett is organically tuned to 432 Hz.  This includes both his Rock music and the music under Zara Anubis.  Zara Anubis has a unique mix of ambient and chill music influenced by modern and aboriginal, electronic and acoustic styles. Written and recorded in a spiritual atmosphere and always organically tuned to 432hz.

432hz is the natural vibrational resonance of the human body. When listening you will feel the music internally instead of only in your ears. This tuning, at different notes, opens healing centers in the body as well.

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